Cooking holiday provence


French cooking lessons

Provence is a town on south-eastern part of France. It has so many activities to engage in and the memorable one that one should do is attending a cooking class. There are gourmet tours and cooking classes for anyone interested to learn how the Provence food tastes. The classes are in English and French therefore visitors who understand the languages can attend the classes. The cooking classes in Provence (see there) are of high quality and chefs are friendly and willing to share their skills with the learners.


This is of its kind one will enjoy these cooking tours to the fullest. This will enable one to walk around this region and know all the historic streets one has been dreaming to visit. This is the time one make friends and knows how different foods are prepared. One learns a lot about the town and visits so many food shops while interacting with the French people. The tours are amazing and there is a must go trip which is going to the marketplace where different products used to prepare food are sold. One should visit the Aix-en-Provence marketplace which is 700 years old to meet the farmers who make sure the French food reaches the table.


One should enjoy all cooking classes, the pastry classes are also interesting one spends a minimum of 2 hours a day. The learner is thought to prepare different desserts and after classes they enjoy the meal with the other learners. The different cooking classes offered during the holidays include private ones, during the week and weekends. Visitors can choose when is the best time to learn and go for cooking classes while on vacation.

The cooking experience in the classes is enjoyable and educative. One learns to cook delicious meals that can be a breakthrough for some foreigners to start a business at home.